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Sunbelt Software posted a blog today about books related to malware analysis, which reminded me that I also wanted to do something similar. Unfortunately, due to competition issues, some publishers don’t allow authors to cite other publishers’ books. Thus, although I really wanted to cite some of my favorite books in Malware Analyst’s Cookbook, we weren’t permitted to do so. Instead, I’ll list them here. The following is a list of resources that I find to be either required or extremely useful for malware analysis.

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2 Responses to Malware Analysis Books

  1. Paul Andrew says:


    Im currently studying the malware cookbook after workhours so this is my post just to say thank you for everything. As versioning of software changes over time so does books. Would be great if you had a dynamic book version also. Thank you.


  2. Ricky Gai says:


    I think is important to have dynamic or electronic copy of this book.


    1. I can always use SysInternal ZoomIt to zoom in which give a
    better vision to read the contents of the book.

    2. E-book can be part of marketing strategy, and I often purchase
    physical book via reading ebook at first to gain confidence.

    3. I don’t think pirated ebook can corrupts sales, if I were to continue
    good informations from the author, I will support by purchasing the
    original book.

    Hopes, this help.

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