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  1. Nick Fx says:

    Just finished the Cookbook, outstanding piece of work, thank you to the authors. Unfortunately I’ve already forgotten chapter 1 so its back to the start!

    One small request, not being the best C programmer in the world any chance that a copy of the unlinker.exe program referred to on page 607 and used in the video 17-10 could be put on the downloads page. It would be very useful for practicing hidden Service detection etc?

    Thanks again


  2. Nick Fx says:

    I wanted to apologize for not noticing that you had posted the tool I had requested. It popped back to mind today and visited this page and there it was from last September. Thank you very much for taking the time out.

    I’ll have a play and get back to you.

    Thanks again


  3. Michael Ligh says:

    Zip password: waprEq4femab

  4. Nick Fx says:

    Hi Michael, how are you?

    I’ve been doing a bunch of work on the publically available Stuxnet RAM Dump with Volatility etc, do you know of a Flame RAM dump kicking around anywhere?


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